He loved it when she pampered him

She liked it when he cared for her

He loved the way she treated him

She wanted to be pampered by him, but he never did

She tried her level best to make him smile

And he didn’t even bother to appreciate her efforts 

Instead just pointed out her mistakes

She found a lil bit of love in betweem all his sharp talks

He found only childishness in her always

She kept quite thinking that he may realize her love for him

His words were sugar coated yet harsh

But she forgot that there was someone else who loved her

Without her doing anything for him

That someone pampered her with his care, concern

She was trying hard not to disclose her feelings to anyone

Stuck in between two boats she started sinking into the sea of love

He thought her as an instrument to pass his time

And there was that someone who loved to spend his time with her

That someone was the reason why she laughed 

There was an unsaid bonding in between her and that someone

Their eyes did the talking while lips just curved into a smile

Somewhere she was getting to know that he wasn’t in love with her

That someone started to fall for her innocence, 

The child within her stole his heart

She never realized that the first was one was a mistake 

And the second was true love

That someone didn’t express his feelings

They met every single day inspite of their busy schedule

His look would convey things to her

Her smile would make him smile wider

Lil did she know the reason why her heart cared so much for that someone

She had started to forget things

He finally put his heart out in front of her

And there she was in his arms but this time forever

Coz LOVE has no reason and the reason to be together is LOVE
Dee ♥


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